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Nike Finally Releases LeBron 12

Posted by on August 21, 2014

Nike Finally Releases LeBron 12As LeBron James of the Cavaliers gets ready for the 2014-2015 season, global shoe company, Nike, is set to release its latest shoe – The LeBron 12, on November 5th. The release of the shoe has been much anticipated by Nike and LeBron fans. The LeBron 12’s release has been a highly publicized event.

The shoe was supposed to be released a month ago, but Nike delayed the release because of a cosmetic issue with the shoe. This cosmetic issues is not the first of the LeBron line, LeBron James himself in fact, refused to wear the LeBron 11 because of sizing and fit concerns.

However, despite the minor setbacks the LeBron 12 is being endorsed by LeBron James and is expected to retail for around $200. It’s being marketed with the slogan “HRT of a Lion” on posts from twitter.

The shoe is expected to be the LeBron line’s best shoe yet featuring innovated design and technology. The LeBron 12 features many of Nike’s newest technologies available. The LeBron 12 is designed with a unique feature appearing in the under sole of the shoe. Colorful hexagonal shaped pods on the outsole map out peak areas of the foot. The design is actually made around LeBron James’ foot and where he put the most pressure while playing. The colors are simply a map of the peak areas of the foot. The hexagons themselves are cushioning set in the perfect places to help enhance flexibility and bounciness. The goal was to provide a design that helped players be more explosive on the courts, and to get more energy back from each step, jump, and move. The Zoom Pods on the shoe were only placed in peak areas, which is to encourage energy in only peak areas of the foot. The design is innovative and according to LeBron himself, like nothing he’s ever worn before.

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