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Nutrisystem Discount and Soleil Moon’s Weight Loss Story

Posted by on November 27, 2015

With former child star Soleil Moon dropping 23 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem, and admitting that she feels better than ever, the popular meal replacement weight loss program has made its presence strong at the beginning of 2015.

If you are interested in joining, then let it be known to you that there are Nutrisystem discounts this January.

Discounts for Nutrisystem in January 2015

You can get a double saving if you join the 28-day Auto Delivery plan. With this plan, food comes to your home every week without you having to order. You are charged every 4 weeks for the next 28 days. But, with this Nutrisystem discount you can lock in 40% off every order. You also get 1 week of food for free.

Soleil Moon Frye Loses 2 Pounds on Nutrisystem

Soleil Moon-Frye is a popular American artist and an entrepreneur. After delivering her third baby, she felt she had lost her health and added more weight. She joined the Fast 5 and My Way, a program of the Nutrisystem diet to find the solution of how she could manage her weight gain. After she registered with the program, Soleil Moon-Frye lost 23 pounds. After a short period of time with the Nutrisystem, Soleil was back to the spotlight. Soleil searched for Nutrisystem online and registered. Perhaps she even used a Nutrisystem discount code. You can find them easily if you search online.

Frye Soleil Nutrisystem

“I want to feel like the best version of myself” says Frye after losing weight and having fun at the Nutrisystem photo shoot.

Following her interview with, Soleil Moon praised the program enthusiastically saying that the Fast 5 and My Way program was just amazing. She says that after giving birth to her third child, her bay weight was just not coming off and she had to figure out a way to lose the weight. Soleil was advised by a friend who was using the program to join because of how effective it was. Without wasting time, Soleil after she learned about the program, she hopped online and signed up. Her friend was a testimony that this plan had done wonders to her. She was convinced that it would help her fix her health issue and she was not frustrated by the results.

Soleil went on to explain the effectiveness of Fast 5 and My way program, and says that during her first week on the program she lost five pounds. This convinced her that she could do it. She says that the ease combined with the health benefit of the program kept her on track. She recommends that although during some weeks she lost a pound or two, the program was carried out in a healthy manner. She says that consequently she could eat everything that she loves and she was able to enjoy what she ate as well. This shows that Nutrisystem other than providing a weight solution, it is focused on improving the health of the client as well.

Nurisystem My Way is a program that is the result of 30+ years of experience in helping people lose weight.  Soleil says that it was important that Nutrisystem gave her the chance to work with her. This was all while it focused on eating healthy and through the best manner possible for her. The program could be adjusted to fit her free time so that a person can do it while working.

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